2012 Calder Cup: Did the Marlies lose on a missed call?

The Toronto Marlies find themselves down 3-0 to the Norfolk Admirals in the Calder Cup final after an overtime goal in Game 3- Image Courtesy of Graig Abel

TORONTO– The overtime goal that put the Toronto Marlies  down 3-0 to the Norfolk Admirals in the Calder Cup final was confusing to everyone that saw it-including both teams.

And now it is being questioned if it should have been allowed.

At 9:09 of the extra period Mike Kostka scored the only goal of the game when he shot the puck in from centre ice, only to have it deflect off the stanchion and into an empty net. Ben Scrivens was behind his goal at the time waiting to play the puck for defender Juraj Mikus.

The issue that comes into play is that, while the puck clearly crossed the line, Admirals’ forward Brandon Segal was still inside the Marlies’ zone attempting to clear on a delayed off-side call.

Rule 83.4 of the AHL rule book states,

“If the puck is shot on goal during a delayed off-side, the play should be allowed to continue under the normal clearing-the-zone rules. Should the puck, as a result of this shot, enter the defending team’s goal, either directly or off the goalkeeper, a player or an official on the ice, the goal shall be disallowed as the original shot was offside. The fact that the attacking team may have cleared the zone prior to the puck entering the goal has no bearing on this ruling.

“The only way a team can score on a delayed off-side situation is if the defending team shoots or puts the puck into their own net without action or contact by the defending team.”

Marlies’ head coach Dallas Eakins had this to say about the goal.

“I saw it and it’s a real interesting one for the referees too. The puck comes out, the pucks rimmed in, there’s a guy off side by about eight to ten feet. The puck hits the stanchion, but now he’s onside and it goes in your net. It’s a fairly grey area.”

It is a grey area because the rule doesn’t directly say what would happen if the puck bounced into the net off a stanchion on a delayed offside, instead of a player or official. Also, the AHL does not use video replay for goals.

Eakins described the goal as worse than being kicked with steel toe boots, however he was accepting of the goal counting.

It will be interesting to see what the follow up is as Game 4 is scheduled for Saturday.

To see the goal click here and fast forward to the 5:42 mark.



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